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Torrance Coombs - Intervju med M3

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Adelaide Kane - Just Jared´s intervju + bts


Adelaide Kane is one gorgeous golden girl in this new exclusive pic from the latest edition of the Just Jared Spotlight series.

The 23-year-old actress stars as Mary Queen of Scots on the hit CW series, Reign, which will be airing a brand new episode TONIGHT at 9/8c.

The show’s season finale will be airing on May 15 and the series has already been renewed for a second season, so make sure to catch up if you haven’t watched it yet!

During our photo shoot at LA’s Pink Taco last month, Adelaide chatted with us about what she plans to do on her summer hiatus and how she found out about the renewal news.

Adelaide Kane Interview – Exclusive

Just Jared: Congratulations on the renewal for a second season of Reign! Did you celebrate?

Adelaide Kane: Oh yeah, definitely! The rest of the cast all went out that night. What’s funny is that I booked a flight to come out to LA, so I didn’t get to celebrate with the rest of the cast. But they told me on set before they told anyone else because they wanted me to tweet simultaneously with the leads of some of the other CW shows. It was all I could do not to tell everyone, and they let me announce it to the whole crew. So exciting!

JJ: How far into shooting are you?

AK: We’re still on season one. We’re currently shooting 119. Oh my gosh, three more episodes and then season one is done. I can’t believe it. It’s really gone by exceptionally quickly. It’s crazy. [JJ Note: Interview was completed on March 8]

JJ: What are you going to do during your hiatus?

AK: Who knows! I’m trying to get some work, trying to keep hustlin’. (laughs) If I get too much time off, I’m going to get bored, so I’m just auditioning, seeing if I can get a feature for the break. Other than that, I want to go to Thailand. I might visit my family. My cousin’s having a baby, so it’s very exciting. And I was thinking of going to New York or London and spending a couple of weeks there exploring the cities.

JJ: What’s your favorite thing to do in Toronto?

AK: Honestly, eat. Toronto has a really good food game. I have my favorite places that I go. They’ve got a bunch of really cool, hip bars. I live in a really kind of hipster area.

JJ: Do you have a favorite restaurant?

AK: I do, Gusto. Gusto 101 is my favorite restaurant in Toronto.

JJ: Do you have a favorite prop from set?

AK: I love when I get to write things because they gave me a calligraphy set. That’s super fun. I like my quill, my ink quill. It’s beautiful.

JJ: Did you know calligraphy beforehand? Did you just learn it on the spot?

AK: They gave me a big sketch pad and a bunch of modern quills and ink, and a bunch of different alphabets so I could pick out which one I like best. Just to practice with while I’m at home. They give me advanced notice if they want me to write anything important. I’ve got quite good at it actually!

JJ: What’s the most fun thing that you’ve done to prepare for a scene?

AK: Horseback riding, that’s my favorite thing. That’s my favorite extracurricular work thing. Every other weekend, they send a driver and I go all the way out to the farm and ride for a couple of hours. So much fun. We finally settled on one horse for me to practice on, Hummer. I used to ride Spartan, but Spartan doesn’t listen to me, he gives me so much attitude. But Hummer is a good boy. (smiles)

JJ: Do you have a most memorable scene that you’ve shot so far?

AK: Yeah, actually. I was doing kind of a racy scene with Toby [Regbo]. One of the Canadian politicians there, a female premier, was visiting set, and just happened to be on set while we were doing this racy scene. She brought kids with her and stuff, and they had to be turned around. It was just SO funny. We were like, “Hi!” She came on to shake our hands and I was like re-dressing, putting my bodice over my corset and pulling my skirt back up. Like, “Hi, nice to meet you.” So awkward.

JJ: Has anyone played any pranks on set?

AK: Not really. I mean, not really in the way of pranks. We’re all just really silly and goofy. We all pull faces. The girls and I, when the heels start hurting, we all cupcake. We just drop into a squat and skirts go [poof], and we all look like ridiculous little cupcakes all lined up. But yeah, everybody’s really lovely.

JJ: Do you have a favorite off-screen memory?

AK: There are a lot of them. The cast all hangs out, and we play Cards Against Humanity, go grab drinks, stuff like that. It’s hard to pick a night. I’d say most recently, I went dancing with Anna [Popplewell] and Caitlin [Stasey]. That was a really fun night and we ended up having a snowball fight on the way home. Which is not a good idea when it is subzero. (laughs) And we walked home from the bar, which is a bit goofy.

JJ: Describe your cast members in one word. Toby Regbo.

AK: Intelligent.

JJ: Torrance Coombs.

AK: Goofy!

JJ: Megan Follows.

AK: Boss.

JJ: Anna Popplewell.

AK: Sweet.

JJ: Caitlin Stasey.

AK: Kitten.

JJ: Celina Sinden.

AK: Lady-like.

JJ: Alan Van Sprang.

AK: Hilarious.

JJ: What’s your favorite music right now?

AK: I’m listening to Alt-J, BANKS, Woodkid. I’m a fan of Disclosure. One of my favorite, favorite, favorite bands that I’m just playing to death at the moment is First Aid Kit. I’m into either like sort of folksy Civil Wars kind of stuff at the moment, or sort of like moody. I listen to a lot of moody music recently, which is funny because I’m so happy. But it just makes me happy. So weird.

JJ: Do you follow any other TV shows yourself? What’s your favorite?

AK: I just binge watched Game of Thrones. I have House of Cards lined up that I need to watch second season of. I love Archer. (laughs) Archer, it’s like a South Park kind of thing, it’s so funny. What else do I watch? I’m always re-watching Charmed, one of my favorite shows, I loved it so much. I heard they were rebooting it over at CBS and I was like, “Damn it, I want to be a witch.” I’m hoping they put it off so I can have many long years on Reign, and then go be a witch.

JJ: Any favorite movies?

AK: Yeah. Star Wars, the original Star Wars. Indiana Jones. The Fifth Element is my favorite movie of all time. I like Some Like It Hot, I like older movies as well. I mean, yeah, I got my gear that I like Rocky Horror Picture Show, I’m a big fan of. Casablanca, Gone With The Wind.

JJ: Favorite food?

AK: I love Mexican food so much, I could that all day, every day. I’ve been missing California, and California avocados and Mexican food. I love Italian food as a close second, so I’m like lucky in Toronto they have pretty stellar Italian food. I can’t find a good Mexican place there, it’s driving me up the wall. (laughs)

JJ: Do you have a favorite person to follow on Twitter?

AK: Grumpy Cat. (laughs)

JJ: Favorite person to follow on Instagram?

AK: I like following my family members on Instagram. My cousins post pictures of their babies and puppies, and their friends. My mom posts goofy pictures with her partner and my brother. I like seeing what everyone is doing back home because I don’t get to talk to them as often as I’d like to. It’s just too hard with the time difference.

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